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Seven Firemen in court for murder of Manager

7 June 2007 at 21:31 | 324 views

By Jonathan Leigh.

Preliminary court proceedings into the death of John
Samuel Ojeah, Distribution Manager of the Guma Valley
Water Company started Tuesday at the Freetown
Magistrate Court No.1 with seven employees of the
National Fire Force appearing on charges of assault
and murder.

Thaimu Sesay is charged with assault whilst Gibrilla
Dumbuya , Mohamed Tarawalie, Mohamed Kamara, Philip
Thomas, Ibrahim Garba and George Smith are charged
with murder.

Director of Public Prosecution, Oladipo Robin-Mason
told Magistrate Sam Margai that he already has five
witnesses lined up but they were absent and he did not intend proceeding with the matter at the moment and so
requested an adjournment.

He further informed the court that the accused
allegedly murdered the deceased on May 30th at
Brookfields while performing his official duty.
The prosecution’s application for adjournment and for
bail to be refused were upheld by Magistrate Margai
who adjourned the matter to June 13th and ordered that
the accused be remanded in prison.