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Samuel Sam-Sumana is APC Running Mate

4 July 2007 at 23:41 | 1043 views

By Sorie Sudan Sesay, Freetown.

Less than 48 hours after the ruling Sierra Leone
People’s Party (SLPP) named Foreign Minister, Momodu
Koroma, as running mate to Vice President Solomon
Berewa, ahead of the August 11, 2007 presidential and
parliamentary elections, APC Leader, Hon. Ernest Bai
Koroma, this afternoon announced Samuel Sam-Sumana as his running mate.

At a jam-packed press conference at the party’s
Hannah Benka Coker Street headquarters, Koroma said
Sam-Sumana(photo), a private business tycoon was
chosen in the best interest of tribal, regional,
religious and many other considerations.

He said his choice was also done after lengthy and
meticulous consultations with the party’s Elders
Committee and its National Advisory Council (NAC).

“Its the choice of the majority of the party,” Koroma
said and then called on other party officials who had
been nursing the desire to be selected as running mate
to remain focused and work in the interest of the APC.

“It has been no easy task for me to agree on one
person amongst an array of very competent and capable
men and women within the APC,” Koroma said adding, “
however, there can be only one selection to fill the
singular position of running mate and Vice
Presidential Candidate.”

Sam Sumana, is a businessman of local and international
repute with an arguably unblemished record. He has
invested tremendously particularly in the
diamondferous towns of Koidu and Tongo.

Not much is known about Sumana, but he became a
household name because of his generosity to the
downtrodden. He had always preferred to live a
low-profiled lifestyle normall stays away from intense

He once said: “I believe in serving my people and
making them satisfied and as long as they acknowledge
my work and contributions to their lives, I am

His low-profile life-styled makes his appointment
very surprising to many not only within the APC but
the country as a whole and abroad.

However, political analysts believe that since the ruling
SLPP and the opposition APC are fighting over their South and North strongholds respectively, his appointment
could be a major political advantage over
the strategic Kono district from where Sumana hails.

Sumana smiled just 20 minutes after his
appointment as running mate of the APC when questioned
about his reaction to the appointment.

“Its good and excellent for the people of this country
especially the youths. I believe Sierra Leone has a
great future under the APC,” Sumana said adding that
he was impressed, that after all, the APC had given
him the opportunity to serve all Sierra Leoneans.

Samuel Sam-Sumana is a native of Kono District in
the Eastern Province. He is the fourth son of late Chief Sam Sumana and Haja Sia Hawa Sam-Sumana and was born on the 17th of April 1962 in Koidu Town District. He is married
with three Children.

Samuel Sam-Sumana is currently the Chief Executive
Officer of Aries Rehabilitation Construction and
Supplies (ARCS) SL Ltd, incorporated under the laws of
Sierra Leone.

As Chief Executive Officer, Sam-Sumana has shown leadership and management skills when dealing with people in his employ. He is a motivator and a good listener who seeks solutions to company problems using innovative methods developed while serving as Vice- Chairman Kono-Union Chapter,Minnesota in the United States of America.

At the height of the civil war in Sierra Leone, Sam-
Sumana was agonized over the near total collapse of
the infrastructure of Kono District. In his position
as Vice Chairman, Kono Union Chapter USA, he paid
frequent visits to the district and forged a good
working relationship with the chiefdom authorities in
Kono and Kenema Districts.

He pioneered the construction and repair of roads in Kono and Kenema districts using funds raised through advocacy and his own personal funds for the betterment of the then
accessible areas of the eastern region of
of Sierra Leone.

Earlier Mr. Samuel Sam-Sumana served
as Managing Director of United Diamond Mining Company,
Koidu Town, Kono District, Sierra Leone. With his
expertise in the field of diamond mining, he used to
introduce environmental friendly and just mining
methods in the field bringing development to the
people where his company operated.

Sam-Sumana also served as the Regional Manager for
C-12 International-a Houston, Texas based company
engaged in diamond buying in Sierra Leone, Guinea and
Liberia. His native ingrained knowledge of the diamond
industry made him an asset to the company where he
oversaw training, recruitment, planning and marketing.

He provided advice to the company on the
socio-politcal conditions in Sierra Leone, Guinea and

Samuel Sam-Sumana holds a Bachelor of Science (BSC)
degree in Management Information Systems from the
Metropolitan State University, Minnesota, USA. Samuel
also holds two diplomas: (Diamond Rough grading, sorting
and polishing) from the American Institute of
Diamond Cutting and Polishing, Deerfield Beach,
Florida, USA, and a diploma (Computer Network Support
Specialist) from KnoolWood Computer and Business
School, St. Louis Park, Minnesota, USA.

While in the USA, Samuel Sam-Sumana worked for
Prudential Financial Group as the System Officer of
the network support. He provided the strategic
management and operational oversight for the Group,
providing training and Counseling to subordinate
staff. At Allina Health services Samuel Sam-Sumana
ran the Network support system. He provided the same
service to Seagate Technologies in the United States of

Samuel Sam-Sumana is a member of the “Five - Man
Committee” of the All People’s Congress Party, a party
with which Samuel has had a life-long association
imbibing the populist character of the party, a key
ingredient in Samuel Sam Sumana’s personal

He has contributed reasonably to the APC in
the Kono District and beyond with the aim of
strengthening the party in the district.
Sam-Sumana substantially contributed to the Kono
District Scholarship Board underscoring his commitment
to the betterment of the district in particular and
Sierra Leone in general.

Editor’s note: The Patriotic Vanguard is one of the first, if not the first newspaper to break the news about Sam-Sumana’s appointment. Always rely on the Vanguard for up-to-date news on Sierra Leone and the rest of the world.Stay blessed.