From the Editor’s Keyboard

Sam Sumana should take it easy

9 March 2015 at 06:02 | 2349 views

Since Sierra Leone’s Vice President Samuel Sam Sumana (photo) was expelled from the ruling party (not from his job as Vice President) last Friday, we have been quietly investigating this issue and have been talking to prominent APC supporters back home in Sierra Leone and around the world. Here is what we found out:

1. That the Sam Sumana issue originated from Kono and Kono politicians who have been harassing President Ernest Koroma to take action on this man. There have been several incidents of violence in Kono and the ruling APC party including the Attorney-General’s office has concrete evidence that could be adduced in court that could ultimately convict and jail Sam Sumana. The APC however decided not to take that path, at least for now.

2. There is something very wrong with Sam Sumana’s educational qualifications according to our sources, who refused to elaborate.

3. The Al Jazeera sting operation that virtually destroyed Sam Sumana’s political career.

4. Sam Sumana’s declaration a few months into his Vice Presidency that he was a Muslim when he knew very well that he was not; that he merely wanted to get support from Muslims in Kono who constitute the majority in that district. The APC knows the opposition SLPP is going to use that against them in the next election and so they have decided to strike first and remove the threat.

5. Sam Sumana used thugs like Adamu Eze ( allegedly the son of a Nigerian and a Sierra Leonean mother from Makeni) to cause destruction of lives and property in Kono. Adamu and most of his colleagues have been arrested and detained in Freetown.

6. Sam Sumana used some journalists to denigrate and actually insult senior government officials and President Ernest Bai Koroma himself.

Our sources almost unanimously advised that Sam Sumana should immediately resign from his job as Vice President or face the consequences which can be really embarrassing. They also advised that Sumana should maintain a very low profile, return to his business activities and not listen to some opposition elements who are currently egging him on to confront the formidable APC political machine.

They say his intention to form a party to contest the next elections will only take away votes for the APC in Kono, an act of vengeance that will only benefit the opposition SLPP since Sumana has little or no support in other parts of the country.

Will Sam Sumana listen to them? Let’s wait and see.