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Sam Sumana Affair: What Next?

By  | 18 March 2015 at 08:16 | 1648 views

The battle of words is now over.

Presidential Ernest Bai Koroma has relieved Vice President Samuel Sam Sumana of his position. He is now known as former Vice President Sam Sumana.

The President has said we will soon have a new Vice President.

What would Sam Sumana do now? He would probably go to court to challenge the President’s decision. It seems the government is ready for that too having files bulging with evidence against the former Vice President.

Sumana cannot go to the United States either since the US embassy in Freetown has turned down the request for asylum he made a few days ago, which the embassy communicated to the ruling party and government. He might go to another country though, provided the government decides not to prosecute him for alleged past misdeeds.

But Sam Sumana, a cunning politician as the BBC well knows, might just decide to stay put and reconcile with his APC family.

He recently proudly stated: "I was born APC and will die APC."

Way to go, Sam.