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Writing opportunity for Sierra Leonean writers

Poda- Poda Stories is a digital curation of Sierra Leonean literature in the form of short stories, poems, essays & critical thought pieces, short (...)

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My life as a sex object in Sierra Leone

My life as a sex object in Sierra Leone - Everyday Sexism By Vickie Remoe, Freetown, Sierra Leone A male acquaintance called me. He told me he had a (...)

| 3 months ago | 6514 views

Book Review: He Called Me Tin

Book Review: He Called Me Tin by Dr. Adrienne T. Hunter Thank you for your interest in my best-selling book. As a descendant of Sierra Leone, I am (...)

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The woman fighting for a better Sierra Leone

Vickie Remoe was born in Sierra Leone, but left the country in 1994 during the time of a civil war that retarded the growth of the nation. As a child (...)

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President Bio concludes State Visit to Rwanda

His Excellency President Dr Julius Maada Bio has concluded his state visit to the Republic of Rwanda where host President Paul Kagame celebrates and talks (...)

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