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Run-off campaign: Violence erupts in Segbwema

31 August 2007 at 04:53 | 565 views

By Sorie Sudan Sesay, Freetown.

There was an attack on the convoy of the leader
and presidential candidate of the opposition All
People’s Congress (APC) Thursday evening in Segbwema,
Kailahun District.

Koroma, who was accompanied by the leader of the People’s
Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC), Charles Francis
Margai, was on a trip to formally present the APC
platform to the people of the southern and eastern
regions, following the merger of both political
parties ahead of the Presidential run-off between the
APC and the SLPP.

Koroma was however not hurt by the attack but cut short his tour in
Segwema and had to make a u-turn to Kenema where was
coming from, citing security reasons.

However, his supporters, it is alleged, retaliated and in the process,
unconfirmed reports say the offices of the ruling SLPP
in Segbwema and the residence of Finance Minister, John
Benjamin were set on fire.

The APC has however denied that
allegation, according to the party spokesman Alpha
Kanu who was addressing journalists at a press
conference thursday evening at the party’s Hannah Benka
Coker Street headquarters in Freetown.

Kanu expressed disappointment over the SLPP’s recent
acts of violence saying it is a deliberate attempt to
wreck the political process ’since it is becoming
clearer now that they are losing their hold on power’.

According to a press statement issued by the APC after
the conference, the party is worried about the recent
spate of violence by SLPP supporters, making
references to the Waterloo incident in which an APC
supporter was stabbed to death by SLPP supporters.

According to a police report, the APC supporter was
announcing the arrival of their leader when an unknown
SLPP supporter came from behind and stabbed him.

Meanwhile, the police have confirmed the arrest and
interrogation of the minister of Presidential Affairs, Dr. Shekou Sesay,
in Makeni, for being in possession of fire arms which
were found in his vehicle.

The recent spate of violence particularly the Segbwema
incident has inflicted a devastating blow on the calm reigning in the
country considering the fact that the run-off
election is only a week away.

On Thursday evening, in the capital Freetown, there is a tense atmosphere
with both business people and workers returning home very