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Reminiscence: A Series on the Albert Academy

8 October 2006 at 08:28 | 592 views

The Patriotic Vanguard’s General Editor Abayomi Charles Robert has come up with the brilliant idea of old boys and girls of that historic school telling us what they think of or remember about their school. The contibutions can be in the form of letters, short pieces and poems including photos if they so desire. Nice idea. Over to you folks.

By Abayomi Charles Roberts, General Editor, Edmonton, Canada.

Sing for Academy ye True Lads:
A Centenary Reminiscence Special

Having been prepared for Life’s Road by the Albert Academy, in Freetown, Sierra Leone, two of this medium’s editors-Gibril Koroma and A C Roberts invite other proud alumni to submit articles of Reminiscence, as a tribute to the school, which was founded by the UMC on October 4, 1904.

Essays should be not more than 250 words long, preferably along with a recent (portrait) photo of the author.
Old photos of the author (alone or in a group) while he/she was a pupil or at any AA-related event are also welcome. If submitted without an article, there should be clear description and details like WHO, WHERE, WHEN, WHAT even HOW, about the pictures.
Poems may not exceed 21 lines and not more than 120 words long.
The author’s (portrait ) photo is recommended.

The theme is Reminiscence but focus on how the lessons and diverse bonds of AA may have helped the author(s) and others in their community are most welcome.
Photos/articles should be sent by email.

The editors need at least 21 days to review and edit materials.
Double-spaced scripts set in Microsoft Word make for much easier reviews/editing and online communication among the editors.

Please send your contributions to either the Editor-in- Chief at: or to the General Editor at: Contributions will appear in our letters column. Thanks in advance.