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PV: Time to help shape events at home

7 August 2015 at 11:31 | 761 views

By Leonard Quarshie, Maryland, USA.

I discovered the Patriotic Vanguard sometime in 2010 when I was trying my hands at writing for the first time. I was juggling work and school at the time, and still discovering myself. Writing for the Vanguard was for me an experiment, an escape of sorts-a chance to prove myself.

The Vanguard gave me the chance to connect with a non-Ghanaian audience and reach a larger readership. At the Vanguard, I was free to explore my interests and write about anything I chose–immigration, politics, Pan-Africanism, popular culture.

The Vanguard is a bridge between those of us in the Diaspora and our brothers and sisters at home. The challenge now is for the Vanguard to expand its role from being a voice for the Diaspora to actively help shape events at home and nurturing development on the continent.