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Pujehun: District Council chairman donates 100 bags of cement

3 August 2020 at 02:27 | 713 views


Sons and daughters of Pujehun District, well-wishers, and local philanthropists are stepping up to address development needs in their communities without government or international funding.

Son of Sowa Chiefdom and current Chairman of the Pujehun District Council, Sheik Suaibu Sowa commonly known as Soweto announced Friday July 31,2020 at a community gathering in Geoma Jargor, Sowa Chiefdom that he, too, is doing his part not as a politician or Chairman of Council, but as a son of Sowa Chiefdom in addressing local initiatives by donating 100 bags of cement to kick start the construction of the only Christian Junior Secondary School in the Chiefdom.

"There is no better experience and gratification than to give back to your own community," said Chairman Sowa.

Chairperson of the occasion, Paul Duwai-Sowa said the donation will go a long way in helping the Geoma Jargor community to start the construction of a 10-classroom building that will accommodate students of St. Mary’s Junior Secondary School who are currently housed at a dilapidated community clinic.

Sheik Abdulai Sakpa Gandi Kpaka added a pretty hilarious and high-spirited message to the children of St. Mary’s Junior Secondary School and their parents. He started off with affable comments about Madam Josephine Sowa describing her as a lifelong educator, as well as a mentor and leader, not just for her Sowa community, but for Pujehun District and Sierra Leone.

“Madam Josephine Sowa’s accomplishments in the world of education are outstanding and continue to grow,” Abdulai Sakpa Kpaka said. “This meeting would not have taken place without her strong sense of purpose for this community.”

In her opening remarks, Madam Josephine Sowa, former Principal of Holy Rosary Secondary School, Pujehun said. “If we as educators always have our children in mind and in our hearts, we are surely to make the most impact in their lives. This community has potential because we have the human capital to support you, the children of Sowa as you are our future."

One of the Teachers of St. Mary’s Junior Secondary School, Johnny Parker Sowa responding to the good news of the school construction project said a new learning environment impacts both students and teachers.

"It is difficult for us at the moment as we are not on payroll, but we are working diligently in this unprecedented school year to prepare our students for their exams. While our workload is heavy in normal times with only few teachers, we are willing to do what it takes to ensure students are learning effectively, Teacher Sowa added.

In her vote of thanks, a female student of St. Mary’s, Mamie Tucker said she was happy to share the stage with the Geoma Jargor elite.

“Thanks to everyone and especially Chairman Sowa for your support of St. Mary’s School,” Tucker said. “We the students of St. Mary’s are so excited, aren’t we?"

Here is a video clip of the proceedings in Mende, the main language of the area: