From the Editor’s Keyboard

Protect state secrets

17 January 2021 at 18:46 | 1210 views

Since the current SLPP government came to power on April 2018, we have seen many serious breaches into or capture of highly confidential information bordering on national security, by outside forces, some whom appear to be connected to the opposition.

No government can function effectively without control of its confidential information some of which includes transactions with foreign governments and agencies.

We suggest the Interior Minister do an overhaul of all agencies whose work entails the protection of state secrets. Sierra Leone is too small to have these problems unlike big countries like the United States, Canada and Europe where it is sometimes difficult to keep cyber-criminals at bay.

It is really quite easy to catch people revealing state secrets to the opposition for political purposes or for money in tiny Sierra Leone.

Government employees who fail to catch these criminals should be investigated and if found wanting, simply fired. It’s really as easy as that.