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Press Release on Kamajors

14 November 2006 at 21:53 | 443 views


This is to inform members of the Kamajor Movement and the public at large that from now forward, any Kamajor wishing to join any political organization in the country including but not limited to the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLLP) is free to do so at will.

With this notice, the letter dated 26 August 2006 from the Hon. Chief Sam Hinga Norman under the heading “Exhortation to Kamajors” advising Kamajors, their families and other supporters “...not to join ANY OTHER POLITICAL PARTY (new or old) for the purposes of the next general elections...” is hereby rescinded. Therefore, effective immediately, Kamajors, their families and supporters may support, join or run for public office under the banner of any registered political party of their choosing without let or hindrance. This includes, Directors, Commanders, Administrators, Initiators, and rank and file of the movement without exception.

We have taken this action at this time as a result of many requests from members and families of the Kamajors with respect to their active and timely participation in the upcoming general and presidential elections. We want to give you a fair chance to exercise your rights of free association with any and all political organizations of your choosing. We are also fully aware that canvassing by various candidates and political parties will begin in earnest very shortly as directed by the Political Parties Registration Commission. As you prepare to participate in this endeavour, please do so with great caution; relying on your conscience, your national obligations and your duty to each other. Your continued support and loyalty to your leaders at all levels is highly commendable.

To the members and families of present and ex-servicemen and women of the CDF, ECOMOG, SLA and UNASMIL we wish one and all a very pleasant Remembrance Day.

God Bless All,

Alfred M. SamForay,
Committee to Elect Hinga Norman.

Photo: Chief Samuel Hinga Norman, CDF leader.