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Press Release-New Website

29 April 2007 at 23:32 | 490 views

It is with a spirit of pride, nationalism, seasoned in a fusion of Divinity and humanity that I’m launching my new website: It is the home where everyone can experience a melancholy of peace and bliss and feel the release of that entrapped soul by the mundane and often unpredictable occurrences that humanity has to weather on a daily basis. Regain your spirit, and live life again to its fullest when you visit my site. Take time to sign my guest book before you say goodbye. Comments made by recent visitors:

"Roland Marke’s work speaks of our urgent need to heal and to hope. Roland’s poetry, stories and songs are inspirational. Like all great writers, he lifts suffering to a higher plane of regard. Please take the time to listen to his message and spread the good word. We can work together for a more human, caring world. Peace!"

Dr. Nile Stanley, Ph.D.
Chair, Childhood Education Author, Poet
University of North Florida Jacksonville, FL

"Not only are you a strong writer, a brilliant poet, but you are also gifted with song. African Renaissance Man! Keep moving in the light."

Stephanie Horton MFA
Editor, Liberian Sea Breeze Journal