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Press Release from PMDC-Netherlands

17 April 2007 at 11:51 | 245 views

Press Release:

PMDC Presidential Running Mate: Dr. Tejan-Jalloh

The Executive and members of the PMDC Netherlands Chapter, wish to congratulate Dr. Ibrahim I Tejan-Jalloh upon his appointment as the PMDC presidential running mate for the July 28th general elections. We have no doubt that Dr Tejan-Jalloh is a great appointment with the guidance of God for the benefit of PMDC and Sierra Leoneans in general.

We also want to thank our leader, Mr. Charles Francis Margai, whom among many qualified candidates, displayed a unique and honourable leadership quality in making a final and acceptable choice. We also thank the Northern Committee members, for their efforts in the process of choosing a running mate.

Other political party leaders are yet to name their running mates, despite the many years they have been in existence. They still find it very difficult to carry out tasks like these, but boast of experience and leadership skills. Once again, we have set the pace for others to follow. We lead and others follow. This trend will continue come July 28th.

To the various interested candidates in the running mate position, we salute you and encourage you to work harder for victory. We are aware of similar qualities in you as in Dr. Tejan-Jalloh. But please know that it was a position to be filled by one man.

We thank you all and look forward to you to work with our presidential running mate, Dr. Ibrahim Tejan-Jalloh.

Vote PMDC for a Positive Change.


PMDC-NL (Netherlands Chapter)