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1 February 2006 at 00:10 | 475 views

Old Prince Waleans Association (OPWA) Organization, USA - An example worthy
of emulation.

On Monday the 23rd of January, Sigismund Ogoo a member of the New Jersey
Chapter of the OPWA presented to the staff and pupils of the Prince of Wales
School, Kingtom, 33 boxes of science equipments donated by the OPWA, USA.
This donation was just the latest in a long line of initiatives implemented
by the OPWA, USA to help their school in Freetown.

Last year as part of the School’s 80th Anniversary, the OPWA, USA donated
medals and trophies, for the School’s sports day ceremony, held on the 6th
of April, 2005. It is also customary for the OPWA, USA to provide prizes to
the school for their Prize-giving ceremony, and also pay the teachers
bonuses at Christmas time. More importantly, the OPWA, USA implemented a
revolving fund account for their teachers. This is a process whereby the
teachers will be paid promptly by the end of every month from the revolving
account, if there is a delay on the payment of their salary by the Sierra
Leone government. When they are then paid by the government, the fund will
then be replenished. In a conversation with Sylvanus Newstead, President of
the DC area chapter, Melbourne Garber, President of the New Jersey chapter,
and Henry Shyllon, President of the Georgia chapter, the common theme was
that the Prince of Wales School has a proud tradition of academic and
sporting excellence, and it is the intention of the OPWA, USA to maintain
that tradition, and I was assured of their unwavering commitment to the
school. Plans are currently underway to provide scholarships to deserving
students this year. The criteria for eligibility is that the selected
students show a commitment to learning, sports, or demonstrate civic and
community responsibility.

The OPWA, USA branch is committed to ensuring that the Prince of Wales
School continues to be a Centre of learning excellence and a training ground
for the future leaders of Sierra Leone. It is their hope that present day
pupils will gain a good education, and be good citizens, and hopefully give
back to the school and their communities. For more on the OPWA, USA you can
contact the Presidents of the various chapters at: Melbourne:, Sylvanus:, and Henry:
hismba@yahoo.COM. Or visit

Photo: The Science block of the Prince of Wales School.