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President Bio delivers on huge promise

11 January 2019 at 00:22 | 2500 views

By Gibril Koroma

President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone has proven once again that he is a man of his word.

While going around the country campaigning for the March 2018 general elections, he promised that if elected as president he will provide not only free quality education but also the necessary textbooks and other learning materials to school-going kids, free of charge. He will also provide free food at school for the more vulnerable ones in remote areas.

His opponents and their supporters laughed at him. It has never been done in Sierra Leone. It will never happen, they said.

Where will the money from, they asked. Even if the money is accessed, government officials will eat it all, they declared.

The absolute pessimism is not unwarranted. That was what used to happen in Sierra Leone or rather that was the kind of situation most Sierra Leoneans were familiar with.

But when president Bio took over the country in April last year, he immediately started delivering on his promises.

He has done a lot of things already in the nine months he has been president of Sierra Leone and the recent launching of the distribution of free quality education textbooks and other materials is just the latest on his programme of action.

But he also delivered some advice:

1. He cautioned some members of the public not use the educational materials being distributed as a business opportunity. No buying or selling. DONT TOUCH THESE BOOKS AND LEARNING MATERIALS!

2. Anybody caught violating or going against this advice will face the full force of the law.

3. He admonished pupils and parents to take full advantage of this opportunity, an opportunity that is not common in many parts of the world.

Take note: The amount of 221 billion Leones was spent on this large-scale national project. So far.