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Poll: Britons endorse APC

3 September 2007 at 17:00 | 808 views

By Our Correspondent.

Britain as a country is very much interested in the recent political developments in Sierra Leone, but what is clear is that many British people are now looking for a new government in the West African country.

In interviews conducted by this reporter across the political spectrum here in the UK, over 95% of a thousand interviewees say they are awaiting the opposition to take over government.The poll or survey, although not scientific, with a limited population, somehow accurately reflects the thinking in British government circles.The survey was conducted over a period of three months.

“The British government has been spending over thirty million pounds a year in Sierra Leone just in non-military spending, but that is not reflected in the people’s lives. What have the politicians been doing with the money? This is hard-earned tax-payers money,” said Paul Rawlinson of Newcastle.

“The only good thing for that country now is for a new set of rulers to be chosen so that we can have confidence to start from a clean slate, but the current Sierra Leone government has let us down,” added Jonathan Newman of London’s Underground Rail Department.

Last Sunday some Britons made a public declaration of their support for the opposition APC during house-warming ceremony at the Manchester home of journalist Sheka Tarawalie.

“We know you are a journalist, and that’s more the reason why we would like you to pass this message to the voters in Sierra Leone that there is the need for regime change if your country should regain international credibility,” declared Alice Knight, a spokesperson.

Shekito’s popularity in the UK soared last year when his work at the Citizens Advice Bureau was recognized and he scooped a national award presented to him by Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter, Princess Anne (officially known as The Princess Royale).

Sources within Westminster, the seat of the British government, indicate that plans are already underway to design modalities of working with the emerging government after a first round that saw the APC’s Ernest Koroma leading the presidential poll and his party getting the majority of parliamentary seats. A run-off between him and the ruling party’s Solomon Berewa is slated for this Saturday September 8.

Having received over two hundred and ten million pounds (£210 m) from Britain since 2001, Sierra Leone is the top per capita recipient of British aid. The former colonial power is committed to directly supporting the country till 2012. “We can only continue to honour that commitment if we see changes in governance,” Foreign office sources stated.

Ordinary Britons are excited about creating more investment and tourist opportunities in Sierra Leone in a less corrupt environment.

Photos: Britons at Shekito’s house-warming party, top, and young Britons with Shekito, above.