Political prostitution should have no place in our democracy

15 June 2009 at 03:04 | 912 views

By Ernest Smith, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

It was a shock to hear that Dr Sheku Bah Saccoh commonly called Mauna Gbati has defected to APC.

Constitutionally he is right but morally it is not a correct thing to do, giving the fact that Ambassador Saccoh served through out the then SLPP regime as minister and ambassador. Munku Politician, as he calls himself, never rejected his appointment as minister nor did he refuse to serve as Sierra Leone’s ambassador to Guinea even though he fully knew that SLPP was a ‘Mende-man party.’ He only realised that ‘fact’ when he lost the bid for the leadership. He set whole Sierra Leone on fire by making public his newly-found fact. “Eureka, SLLP is a Mende party’, he shouted in all hooks and nooks of Sierra Leone.

In his preparation to run for the leadership of the SLPP Munku Politician told his supporters “I Dr. Sheku Bah Saccoh was born into an SLPP home in Kalangba, Bombali District. My father the late Alhaji Foday Saccoh, together with the late Hon. Y.D. Sesay, may his their souls rest in perfect peace, brought the SLPP to Bombali District. In fact it was in the twin town of Batkanu and Kalangba that the SLPP got nurtured, packaged, and then subsequently transplanted into other areas of the entire Bombali District. And my record regarding these things is self-evident. And I challenge any detractor to prove me otherwise”. (See: http://www.doctorsaccoh4slpp.com).

I do not think anybody would want to dispute the above statement because Mauna Gbati is absolutely right, thus making his reason for moving to APC baseless.

Political prostitutes use this paradoxical Mende-man pretext as their trump-card for leaving the SLPP party, failing to know that no Mende-man has ever vied for the leadership of the APC party. This is unlike SLPP. SLLP believes in the principle of diversity. Munku politician, Saccoh misused this core principle to contest for the leadership of the party.

The danger of being a political prostitute is that such disingenuous politicians are only seeking to satisfy their political whims and caprices rather going for the interest of the country. Sierra Leone is tired of such politicians who have helped in no small way to contribute the backwardness to our sweet country. Veterinary doctor and veteran politician Saccoh and other political prostitutes should ask Victor Foh (a Mende-man through and through) how he managed to stay loyal to APC even when they where not in power. This was what Dr. Saccoh said when he still Sierra leone’s ambassador to Guinea under the regime of APC:

“Meanwhile, the incoming APC had asked us to stay a little longer than usual, because they wanted to ensure that, a smooth transitional process was achievable. This was particularly true, with members of the Diplomatic corps. Indeed for country, the sacrifice was made. Now, this has been misconstrued by my enemies and detractors to label me a Turn Coat. A sort of political Chameleon.” http://www.doctorsaccoh4slpp.com.

In his statement above Ambassador Saccoh accused people of calling him a “political Chameleon.” Indeed, his critics were right in calling him a turn-coat. This is evidenced by his recent change of colours, from green to red. Only an illusionist can perform such a miracle. The ruling party should be aware of such politician that is bent on achieving all his gains by changing colours that are the favourite of the time. He will one day say that APC is a party of the North. Read my lips!