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Poetry-Where am I more free?

3 June 2009 at 05:50 | 1352 views

Where am I more free?

By Alpha Lebbie, Boston, USA.

Ran away from Africa’s police states
Some way, some how
Found myself in America’s police state
Where there are more police
Per square kilometre
Than in Communist China
Though with different modus operandi
Both states make me
Feel fear.
Fear of Uncle Sam:
So big, so strong that
He can gently arrest me
For things that I did not do
And sometimes
For how I look.
Yet, would feed me
Three square meals a day
In the name of humane treatment
For as long as he determines.
Just like Saddam
And his African cousins
My leaders
Did arrest me for things I never did.
And here is my dilemma:
Where am I more free?