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Poetry: Voice of Silence

By  | 26 July 2011 at 00:08 | 1542 views

Voice of Silence

The world’s rushing racing and falling
Vicious clamor for wealth like power
The helpless falling no time for caring
Poverty is crime or wealth mere vanity?
Kids shirked as crime a scary epidemic
Is prosperity God’s ticket to glory?
Please listen to the voice of silence.

While spouses fighting for divorce
Children worried madly screaming
As preacher pleads unbelievers exit
While praying demons become angry
As teacher teaches kids keep shooting
Doctor’s human why suing and dying?
Time we listen to the voice of silence.

Angels praising demon furiously mad
Folks drive, eat and dial concurrently
Time’s ticking weird endless whining
Birds sweetly singing happily praising
Wealth surges many ailing and dying
Prosperity mindset folks collect to pile
God’s calling longing and still waiting
Oh souls listen to the voice of silence.

Tempers rising Satan is furiously angry
Anger soars and terror dawns uninvited
And precision guns load, explode wildly
Triggers released as many bleed to death
Paramedics rush in, pulses are hopeless
People worried, confused, loudly nagging
About time we listen to the voice of silence.

Roland Bankole Marke © 2011
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