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Poetry-----Violence in Silence

24 June 2007 at 09:13 | 413 views

Violence in Silence.

By Roland Bankole Marke.

Tenacity as passion sanctifies the chorus to woo empathy,
Chanting a mystic African dialect chases horror goodbye.
Resilient females explode their hearts kissing the ground,
They are little girls, teenagers, grown, ailing aged women:
Too helpless, powerless, who cannot stop their assailants.
Despite their age they are seized, openly raped like dogs.
Again and again, hate exploited a sacrilege of innocence:
They sing about agony and self esteem to heal their soul.
Inspiring harmony unmasks untold misery in suffering.
Ruthless cowards like trains derailed their womanhood
But can’t wreck their rooted spirit, daring and steadfast
Innocent eyes could speak singing hearts as tears away
Song blooms comfort, as each soul embraced redemption.
“They assaulted our bodies, but can’t destroy our spirits,
We’re fearless, outspoken: stigmatized outcasts, natives
Despise us: Prayer for justice unveils violence in silence.”

Roland Bankole Marke’s deep root is from Sierra Leone in West Africa.
He lives in Jacksonville Florida. And has published two collections of poetry: Teardrops Keep Falling and Silver Rain and Blizzard. His most recent book -Harvest of Hate: Stories and Essays, was published in 2006. Marke’s work has appeared in several journals and magazines including World press,, Florida Times Union and Mabayla Review. Visit his website: