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Poetry: To Schizoid Man

8 June 2017 at 23:11 | 7258 views

To Schizoid Man

By Fayia Sellu, California, USA.

Pulsating the organs of Post-truth
Either for battle or prattle
Secreting oceans of prussic acid in me
Hectoring, this political necrophilia
The milksop of mouldy socialist essences
Pilafed in capital, in the towers of academia
Raised to worship at the altars, writ large
Of climate change theology, with rituals of
The Humanitarian Industrial Complex
Donning the Neoliberal sensibility cloak
Ejaculated by petticoat geniuses, carnivaling
As Gods of algorithm govern domains of
Digitalities as post-modern royalties

Nineveh will come to them via the clouds of
Gazillion bytes of ones and zeroes in
Empires of illusion, a world of shadows
Wearing pimpled-nosed dreams over dimples
At circuses from Trafalgar, via Tiananmen
To Manhattan. Arise thou statues and puppets!
To rule the affairs of RoboMan, the mésalliance
Enmeshed in gossip, trivia and spectacles.

Their kind burn The Man every year
So, for whom do they toil?
The exiled inchoate longings of
SCHIZOID MAN in h(is)er pursuit of
happyness in Virtual Reality. For
Corporations that are CITIZENS UNITED.