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Poetry----The Immutable Power of Foreign Aid

15 July 2008 at 19:45 | 822 views

The Immutable Power of Foreign Aid

By Josephine M. Ansumana, USA.


Managing the great humanitarian aid is the

Worst form of North and South Dialogue.

A strategic form of neo-colonialism, pursued

In the guise of humanitarian Assistance

Flooding the continent with all sorts of Aid!!!

A deceptive quid pro quo arrangement

Food aid in exchange for national control

Cheap goods traded for natural resources

Treating their hosts like satellite nations

Poking their noses where it does not belong

All in the name of the great humanitarian Aid


“Don’t you worry,” said the North Pole

To the South Pole, “I have you covered.”

“Covered! With what and from what?”

Asked the South Pole with a measure of doubt.

“I have you covered from poverty, diseases and wars,

I have you covered from floods, hunger and drought.

I have you covered with Euros, American Dollar

And British Pound Sterling notes

All new, crisp and smooth to the touch.

Henceforth, your problems are over

I have you under control,” the North Pole replied.


“Oh! Ho! I see! How very generous,” observed the

South Pole, in a passive voice pregnant with meaning.

“Are you really sure you are helping me up

Or are you just keeping me down?” if I may ask.

“Oh! Then, I guess you did not get the memo after all!”

“Memo! Did I miss something?” echoed the South Pole.

“Of course not, dear! We just decided that henceforth

I am your appointed guardian and mouth-piece,

With exclusive rights and power of attorney

To raise money for the poor, in your name,

And spend it on palaces and homes in my name,

As a token of my love for you,” in your name,”

The North Pole bragged, beating its chest.


“AH! See how much they love us,” the South Pole opined.

“They love us so much, they speak in our name

Then send their “people” to our land in our name,

On humanitarian assignments they humbly pledged.

To speak for us, act for us and work for us in our name.

“Equal Distribution of Jobs” their policy stated

Exclusion and exploitation the mandate spelt.

Local clerks, drivers and housemaids—fair distribution.

“The fools can never tell the difference” they chuckled.


Extended vacations fully paid, you bet.

To laze around desolate never-ending stretches of

Windswept white-sandy beaches in our name

Sun-bathing, halter tops and skimpy bottoms in sunny shades,

Speedos, thongs, skinny dipping in the deep ocean’s swell.

Pedicure feet patter across rolling dunes of sand

Bleached tresses sway in rushing winds. As eyes gently

Gaze into shimmering lakes, lagoon, and waterfalls

Gushing rivers and tempestuous waves.

All done in a days work, in our name.


Transparency, Accountability and Due diligence

Their instruments of choice. Strategic principles well defined,

Ethics and Social Responsibility they never apply.

“We can damn well do whatever we please,” the North teased.

“What did you expect? Of course we call all the shots.

We gave you ten percent of our money, you better not complain

You either do exactly as we say, or we blacklist you.”

“What happened to the ninety percent, pray do tell.”<>

“We are not at liberty- a “Non-disclosure” policy applies.”

“Then we have the right to pierce the corporate veil,”

“After all, it is our money,” The North Pole argues.

“Your money taken out in our name,” the South Pole replies

“But just so you remember it was our idea, after all.”

“As long as you do not forget this is our land, after all.“

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