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Poetry—The Child of Destiny

24 November 2008 at 22:47 | 683 views

The Child of Destiny

By Josephine Ansumana, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

No one knows what tomorrow holds,
Because destiny is fatally flawed
It rises up like a tempestuous wave
Against craggy coastlines with sculptured lakes
Then moves like gushing winds in verdant forests,
Across cascading waterfalls and rippling streams,
And falls like rolling hills along the countryside.
Likewise, the child of destiny is an enigma to behold
He rises above the odds and defies nature’s laws
Rules of geometry, statistics and economics, cannot
Explain the hidden fate of the child of destiny.
Who greets each blessed new day with firm
Salutations of hope, and a glimmer of a smile
As if to say: “here I am, still standing.”
The child the family was most joyous
At its birth has became the most useless.
The child no one spared a moment’s though about,
Now amounts to much more that they could tell
For he has become the brightest star, the guardian of light
The voice they once vowed to silence,
Now speaks out on their behalf
The hand they would not shake in greeting
Now holds their freedom in its grip.
The child of destiny turns mockery on its head
As he holds the light of hope secure.