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22 November 2011 at 05:14 | 1931 views


By Niyi Osundare

Come tonight

Let’s meet in the elbow
Of the street
Skip all care

Breach all walls
Jump over the gutter
Of the moon

Come, sweetheart
Don’t forget to come
In our favourite skirt

* Niyi Osundare (photo) is one of the most prominent within the generation of contemporary Nigerian poets that emerged after Wole Soyinka, J.P. Clark-Bekederemo, and Gabriel Okara. Born in 1947 in Ikere-Ekiti, Ondo State of Nigeria, he studied at Ibadan, Leeds and Toronto, and now teaches in the Department of English, University of Ibadan. His poems have won many national and international prizes, among which was the 1986 Commonwealth Poetry Prize. His published works include: Sing of Change; Songs of the Marketplace; Village Voices; Moonsongs; The Eye of the Earth; The Nib in the Pond; Waiting Laughters; and Midlife.