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Poetry: New Old Dreams

16 December 2015 at 09:01 | 4799 views

New Old Dreams

By Saidu Bangura, Praia, Cape Verde.

New Year, new wishes
new hopes
new dreams
new aspirations
new desires
new expectations.
New problems?
Not again –
I have had enough!

Last year
with all renewed dreams
hopes were hopelessly hopeless;
ideally idealistic ideas
were devastatingly devastated –
so senselessly senseless –
as I was desperately desperate to make them
realistically realistic –
(Unrealised?) –

So magnificently magnificent,
ideas remained
fantastically fantastic dreams
to become realistically realistic realities!

Next year
hopefully hopeful
will pursue amazingly amazing dreams
to be surprisingly surprising surprises;
Expectations will be tangibly tangible,
Abundantly abundant yearnings
will be realistically realised realities –
of hopes
of dreams
of wishes
of expectations
of aspirations
of each New Year –
happily expected to be visibly visible!