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Poetry: My Sacred Ballot

10 April 2012 at 21:39 | 2154 views

My Sacred Ballot

By Roland Bankole Marke, Florida, USA.

My right to vote symbolizes the sacred-Cow.
As this whispering intuition blooms wisdom
I abhor carved tribalism added into package
Seem sheepish to graze on a bare emotion
Sound reasoning goads the plausible choice.

My ballot’s like the great American Express:
Unique, priceless, commands ideal strength
And authority to hire a dictator like a patriot:
Smooth cheer-leader eulogizes sacred right;
Folly’s a lonely nuisance roaming aimlessly.

As birth certificate, right as might’s inalienable
Spineless infidel applauds the sneaky despot:
Shaming true caring patriot in towing the line,
Or denied franchise sucks up all that oxygen.
Destiny’s map-quest will consolidate freedom.

Roland Bankole Marke 2012

Roland Bankole Marke is the deputy editor of The Patriotic Vanguard and a widely published author and freelance writer.