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Poetry-Monkey Tail

By  | 14 February 2009 at 00:33 | 657 views

Monkey Tail

I will not be intimate with a temptress,
Will not take the tempting stress,
But you cannot love the monkey and hate its tail.
Stop kicking my emotions,
Stop attacking my illusions,
Stop stabbing my delusions,
Stop fretting,stop struggling, stop, Lady Macbeth, stop.
You are nothing but a temptress,
Offering loving distress.
I have to search for options,
To throw away the suction,
But hey,
You cannot love the tail and hate the monkey.
I have to do something crucial,
To avoid a nasty rupture,
You make me mad,make me mad, mad.
Yes, I know now,
You cannot hate the monkey and love it’s tail.

Copyright. July 2002.

Author’s comments: This poem has many levels of meaning; it’s like a building with many floors. So explore each floor and enjoy what it offers. Each word has many meanings; for example the words "monkey" and "tail" and "mad" have a multitude of meanings. I am saying all this for the benefit of readers that might not have done a lot of literary analysis(at the risk of offending the blase and jaded connoiseurs). So be warned: nothing is what you may think it is...."na debool" poem.