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Poetry---Lungi International Airport Exchange

21 October 2008 at 23:40 | 747 views

Lungi International Airport Exchange.

By Mohamed Kunowah-Tinu Kiellow, The Netherlands.

Bra Spider:
This haggard life of mine is now approaching its demise.
Soon, soon the snubs I have incurred because of penury
Will join their forefathers when The White Stuff paints me White and I become
The only White Bra Spider swimming in banknotes and getting what his heart desires

Cunning Rabbit:
Bra Spider, you are indulging in idle fantasy.
Do you think the White Stuff will send money like manna from heaven and makes you White in riches?
Your words are as big as your brittle mouth.
White Stuff bring a curse on a nation.
The effects can be felt thousands of miles away.
Don’t you see and perceive the way big men have become
small men because of the
White Stuff you are yearning for?
White Stuff will elevate you out of the poverty that you inherited from your forefathers. But that elevation will
be ephemeral.
Look, you are already a tiny man with frangible bones
That will not survive the dregs of the old House of Pa

Bra Spider:
You are wrong to think like that.
Are you blind? Indeed, there are none so blind than those who cannot see.
Don’t you see that almost all the big shots sniff that
White Stuff?
Look at the Hummers, the latest BMWs, and the latest
Jaguars and so on littering the street of Freetown.

Don’t you know or see that the owners of this
Whiteman’s Horses are all good sniffers? Well, I don’t
mean they themselves sniff it
I mean they let other people sniff it for them while
they wallow in affluence.
Are they not smart? Just like me? Can’t you see?

Soon, soon the Iron Bird full of 750 kilograms of
hopes will land and my suffering will be a thing of
the past.Look at the man there in the Agbada dress.
Look at that Orpotto, I mean, the Pumui there.
Look at the black Orpotto, I mean, the black Pumui there.
They are my benefactors.
They will give me what I have never earned through out my twenty years of service to Mama Salone.

Cunning Rabbit:
You never stop amusing me about your visit to heaven and
the dinner you had with Angel Gabriel. You are living in
fool’s paradise.
Your dream will be a nightmare when the iron Hand of the Law Men decorates your hand with an Iron Chain which will qualify you for an early pension on the corridors of Pademba Road.

The tortuous road to that Old Man Pademba knows no mercy.

Bra Spider:
Ha Ha Ha. This is a land of who-know-you-ism and
contactism. This is our government.
No-one will do me any harm.
Our big, big bosses are part of the Stuffy Game.
So no-one will come to touch me. Even the Executive
Mansion is part of our game. Mr. Lebanese Pumui, I mean,
Orpotto, got his share of seventy five Billions Leones of the National Cake.
Who are you to stop me from getting my Stuffy Part of that Cake?
My bosses will even stage-manage a foolproof escape to our neighbours; like they did for Global Kat.
Besides, Arata General can easily nolle prosequi my crimes and sins. He is an Earthly Angel, that Arata General.

Cunning Rabbit:
Go into the world and feed on the Stuffy White figment of your imagination.
May you get Black Stuff instead of White Stuff after the hangover.

Bra Spider:
My telephone is ringing. Yes, Mr. Minister. Yes Sir. I am getting you, Sir. Every thing is under control, Sir. The Iron Eagle has landed, Sir. Mission accomplished, Sir. Thank you, Sir; they gave me the generous parcel.