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Poetry-Jaded Emotions

15 June 2011 at 03:49 | 1251 views

Jaded Emotions

By Josephine Ansumana, Freetown, Sierra Leone.


Can I walk away, if I really love you? You may ask.
I love you, like I have never loved anyone before.
As if you are etched on every breath I take
It’s simply impossible to exhale without you
My emotional thoughts revolve around you.
But yes! I know I have to walk away
‘Cause to you I am just an option.


And Yes, I have loved before, but
Never knew love could hurt this much
Most times, economical with the truth,
Brazen and uncouth in your ways
You know no boundaries in your lust.
So I realize I must walk away
Because I am just a bleep on your radar.


Though hard to tell what I really see in you,
My heart sings at the touch of your hands
My eyes dance to behold your form, but
Your attitude is blasé in a manner of speaking
And deep down, I know you feign your emotions
So I really do have to walk away
Because you treat me like an availability.


My eyes become weary from lack of sleep
As I flashback in total recall at the times
You have treated me with total disdain
Your complete disregard for my feelings
The things you do or say that hurt the most
I am convinced it’s time I walked away,
‘Cause to you, I am just a convenience.


How can I in all honesty stay on
When you accord me no consideration
And treat me with utmost disrespect, like
An apostrophe in an incomplete sentence
An “afterthought” in your scheme of things
Have never showed unadulterated affection
It is evidently clear I have to walk away
For you value me no better than a slot.


Quick and snappy with the perfect excuses
You pontificate well when it suits your fancy,
Yet pretend ignorance in human relationships
And double speak when asked a question
Emotional attachment is an anathema to you
A liaison of convenience is all you seek
I have to walk away, because you are an enigma.


You must have the final say in every situation
No compromise position entertained.
A little egoistical by default, perhaps
Definitely a misogynist by extension
You expect a beck and call response
Yet see no need to sustain a relationship
I need to walk away, in order to move on.