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Poetry: Ignite the Fire

12 April 2013 at 21:51 | 2605 views

Ignite the Fire

By Prince Kanokanga, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Could it be the stripes on his back
Those hard black and white lines
They’re not hard to miss
It seems a pattern,
Or, perhaps, a uniform
Maybe it is a form of punishment
A permanent bruising
A curse of
The all too familiar
Approximating cause of rebellion
Derogatory words on insanity
Touting and faulting finding
Could it be that the author has lost his mind
Or that his mind has lost the author
Drink water with me
“It is not that we’re actors
Characters and personalities
It is not that we’re influencers
It is that we have been confined by boundary
Found trekking and lekkering
Waiting for an untimely death
It is time we awaken to an African Rhythm
To the sound of trumpets and drums
To dances and surprises
To scale the dizzying heights
The aptitude hidden in our dreams
To see cancerous oppression healed
To see worry not as grave sites
But to see liberation of ties

If life were a prison
We would never be free
In one state or the other
Life is incomparable
It comes and goes
It is breathe
It is air
It is love
It is romance
It is negative
It is positive
Life is what others make it to be
Life is what you chose it to be
Life in Africa is a Flame
Ignite the fire; and watch it burn
Let us stop the fight
Africa ignited.