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Poetry: For our mentor, Eldred Jones, at 90

3 February 2015 at 09:25 | 3867 views

For Our Mentor, Eldred Jones, at 90
(Eldred Durosimi Jones, 6th January 1924- )

By Jonathan Peters, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

I cannot say ‘Welcome to Ninety Prof Jones
I am two decades shy, but make the clarion call:
‘Happy Birthday! with Epiphany tones,
Your life an epiphany of joy and gall.
You’ve lived three generations, outliving
Hundreds of family, friends, colleagues, mentees.
You achieved greatness, ever upward striving
In health, wealth, love, joy, ripeness, adversities.
I thank you, teacher, guide, friend with all my heart
For all your nurturing fifty years ago.
Join me all who, like me, were crafted by Prof’s art
And let our shouts of praise and thanksgiving flow:
Dear God, you gave us Eldred Jones best specimen
Of arts and letters and we say ‘THANKS and AMEN!’

Professor Eldred Jones and his wife. He was Principal of Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone and Professor of English. The author, Jonathan Peters, was one of his students.