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Poetry-Fine Print

20 August 2009 at 06:36 | 874 views

Fine Print

By Abayomi Charles Roberts, Edmonton, Canada.

Mental calligraphy or metal Lithography
Never mind geography,even cartography
Could as well be typewritten script
Computerized or sanitized
Many call it Fine Print
It is anything but ’fine,’ smaller than lint

Often no more than a few tiny lines
Message is obscure, yet seems clear
Covertly meant to tangle like vines
Jargon only experts can perceive, afar or near
Dubious ploy to escape through red tape
So, whenever a contract you contemplate
Ensure there is your own safe gate

Sellers of autos, estate or insurance
Easy to stumble on suspect assurance
Just another way to multiply money
Leaving you ditched like a moribund monkey
Words may pun to scheme dollar or dime
Insincere motive for profit, for sure
Business malaise yearning for cure

Abayomi Roberts

Copyright ©2009 Abayomi Roberts