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Poetry—Celebrating Humanity? Yes, we Can!

24 January 2009 at 23:11 | 861 views

Celebrating Humanity? Yes, we Can!

(Eulogy for Barak Hussein Obama,embodiment of the unity of the human race)

B y Mohamed Boye Jallo Jamboria, Norway.

From the dusty roads of Kogelo in the land of man’s origins,
Born of a divine mandate, will and wish to sustain that creation
Two scores and eight years ago !

From the heart of the quiet bliss of an island of paradise on earth,
United from a divine mandate,will and wish to procreate that creation
Two scores and eight years ago!

Unnoticed and unwanted as it were then by humanity,
Consumed in their vane ways and woes ;oblivous to a divine voice of
Started the humble beginings of Hope iteslf,to trod along a path of
hope’s schoolings!
Prapared ,nutured and sustained by hope for hope’s sake;destined to
bring hope to all mankind.

Unnoticed by all humanity;a humanity consumed and consummated in
vain ways!
Began a divine purpose!A purpose of rebirth and of fulfillment of
the purpose of creation,
reawakening and rekindling the cherished of values of the Ages;
sustaining the Celestial energies;
source, fuel and sustainer of life!Ethereal, inexhaustible ,always
feeding the vehicles of humanity!

Awesome,divine as this energy is;always fuelling the mortal vehicles
subjected to misuse and abuse!
Incomparable ,infinite and inextinstiguishable of all
resources;Relished,loved,hated and exploited!Always most protected
and protective driven by the limitless fuel of hope
but falling and failing always!

United today ;Divided tomorrow by hope , continuosly treading and
faltering along Fate’s highway,
laying in waste all his wants in his haste;oblivious of the wants he
wants, caring less when in haste!
Yet always in want of his want;preaching , spreading his woes in
haste to waste just one Thing,one Thing!

From the epoch of homo loquens to the epoch of homo sapiens he is
,has been and will be driven by wish,
Always guided by a will divine;defected by the wish to
protect,vanquished by the desires he protects,
Homo oeconomicus as he is,consumed and consummated by his limited
thirsts and yearnings!
Creating hope out of his hopelessness and hopelessness out of his
hopes,Making limits in his limitedness!

killer today , creator tomorrow,he strides the highways of his ego
;built ,maintained by limited visions!
Collosal as he seems, in his self ascribed pump and pageantry for
ego’s lubrication he serves always!
Confused and constricted ; hurting self and kind by day building
blocks of passion built outside hope,
He treads down grief and fear’s highways,lurches in dismay’s
alleys;preach and believe hopelessness,
Believing always in plenty yet so little;asking why it is so and
when will it be so ,yet always no!

All along this epoch of dismay and distress was hope’s hope nurtured
in the back streets of mainway,
from which, by divine will,educated and lived to face hopelessness
came the hope for a better day!
Built on foundations of will to identify and carry an image made
ugly by the ego and visionless virtues!

Cut from classrooms of the universe,molded by chisels of time
,polished by sharp edges of suffering,
came the ultimate hope of hope in the possible in the impossible;
hope in the past,present and future!
Born out of encounters of successes out of failures,change
out of encounters with stagnation and strife,
Came convictions of possibility;Resounding over ether as
assimilated mantra of hope:Yes we can!!
Celebrating Humanity;Redefining the esoteric and aesthetic
values beaming a new light :Yes we can!!
Comsumed in the fuel of hope to build Hope; from the ashes
of a bitterman to blomsters of Betterman,
Riding Hope’s vehicle ,refilling from the fuel of hope;the
journey to change’s ends must be:Yes we can!!

Yes we can !As hope translates and energises to bear
fruits and an harvest born out of new beginings,
Yes we can !Yes we can !Yes we can!;In the begining was
The word ,now there is a word:Yes we can!
Amen !Amen so be it as we celebrate Humanity in a new
unity of the human race!