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Poetry: Be Still, Sierra Leone

13 June 2019 at 05:02 | 2727 views

Be Still Sierra Leone

By Patricia Ngadie Baby Bashiru-Kargbo, Germany.

Sierra Leone my blessed land;
throughout creation you are called blessed.
He, the Creator, has bestowed upon you the treasures of His might;
Unity, Freedom and Justice spell out your name.

Your wealth has made nations move,
your treasures have become the people’s pride.
Though evil once tried to deprive you of your blessings,
and your own children rise up against you,
your name, remains abiding forever.

Corruption shall never destroy your fruits,
for your children will repent and serve you faithfully.
They shall strive to show their great love for you,
bearing in mind that there is no place like home.

Your womb yearned for a son who can redeem you;
here, alas, he comes with zeal and zest,
with zero tolerance to any desecrating your name;
his banner of success shall remain forever high.

Be still and calm my blessed Sierra Leone,
your Creator has not forgotten you.
Amidst the deepest valleys and oceans,
your glory shall be yours forever
and your land remains forever fruitful.