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Poetry-----Bamba Kayaka

9 October 2006 at 21:59 | 1036 views

Bamba Kayaka

By Abayomi, Charles, Punchy Roberts.

There’s a street in Salone;
A street named Pademba Road,
Where those who dare are barred alone.
Though Pa Demba is no more,
His name lingers more and more.

There’s a street in Freetown;
A street for wheels to roll,
A path for victim, villain or hero
One address often on the radio.

On this street most yards are home:
To the north of Slater’s terrace,
Down south the biggest yard of all.
’Big Yard’ with a fence too tall.

In this yard are blocks, Blocks with Locks
Blocks of storey, also of Story
Named after governor and statesman;Howard and Blyden
Another block is adjacent, where necks are broken

* Bamba Kayaka is another name for Freetown’s notorious Pademba Road prison.