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Poetry: A Note to a Friend - Part 1

5 January 2009 at 23:26 | 550 views

A Note to a Friend-Part 1

By Josephine Ansumana, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

You have asked me the same questions
Day in, day out. Now I give you my response
Within the context of your text, in what
I call “my note to a friend.”
You asked how life was otherwise treating me.
I say, it is good to be healthy and alive,
And to God Almighty be all the Glory.
But like always, life is giving me more
Than my fair share of problems.
But you know what? I am a survivor
And a very defiant one at that.
So now, I say tothe many daily
Challenges that come my way.
“Be as complicated and problematic
As you chose to be because I say
“You are definitely running out of options.”
Do whatyou have to do, in your attempt
To make me miserable. Knock yourselves out,
But I refuse to go down, or give up.
And now when you are done playing your havoc,
Move along and make way for a new day
Formy destiny is at hand -
This is my new attitude.
Tell me about the lucky love in you life, you ask.
This is were it gets really interesting,
Because I have no social life at all whatsoever
So there is neither past nor present any man,
Lucky or otherwise-what a shame!
I wish there was some juicy news in that department,
But unfortunately, there is none.
"Coming events cast their shadows" though.
Whoknows, now that you have raised the issue
Maybe that is just about to happen.
I promise, if it does happen you will
Be the first to get the full scoop.