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PMDC Offers Assistance to Indictees’ Families

23 May 2007 at 08:21 | 1146 views

The North American branch of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC -USA) is pleased to offer financial assistance to the families of the indicted leaders of the CDF in accordance with the Indianapolis accord of November 2006.

The national PMDC as well as its various international branches will continue to stand by the families of the CDF with financial and moral support despite the untimely death of Chief Sam Hinga Norman. We appeal to all our members at home and abroad to continue to assist the families of the leaders of the CDF through the National Executive Council of the PMDC.

We continue to pray for the family of our dearly departed, Chief Sam Hinga Norman, and trust that an official investigation into the cause of his death as ordered by the President of the Special Court for Sierra Leone will commence very shortly. We also look forward to the timely release from custody of the remaining CDF leaders, Mr. Moinina Fofana of Nogowa-Bullom Chiefdom, Bonthe District and Dr. Alieu Kondewa of Bumpe-Ngao Chiefdom, Bo District. We are curiously aware that a date for the verdict for the AFRC accused has now been set by the court while a verdict for the CDF accused is still pending six months after Defence for the CDF gave closing statements.

Dr. Baimba Kamara,Chair, PMDC-USA
Rev. Alfred M.SamForay
Coordinator, CDF Defence Fund

Photo:Left to right: Moinina Fofanah, Alieu Kondewa and the late Chief Hinga Norman.