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PMDC-Netherlands Ready for Business

By  | 11 August 2006 at 00:33 | 913 views

The PMDC is the first Sierra Leonean political party to establish a branch in the Netherlands, commonly known as Holland. Other parties like the SLPP and the APC have followed suit. We recently spoke to Teddy Foday Musa the PMDC-Netherlands Secretary General. Excerpts:

The Patriotic Vanguard: When was PMDC-Netherlands Chapter formed?

Teddy Foday-Musa: The PMDC-Netherlands Chapter is the first established branch of a Sierra Leonean Political Party in the Netherlands.

It came into existence after Mr. Charles Francis Margai completed his sensitization tour in sounding the opinion of people about a third force just after the SLPP Makeni convention.

We have been in operation since December 2005, but actually received our official operational mandate letter from the party headquarters in Freetown, immediately after our provisional registration in January 2006.

Mr. Femi Hebron, Mr. Moijueh KaiKai, and Mr Issa Fofana were all very helpful and instrumental in overseeing the birth of PMDC-NL. We thank them and we hold them in high esteem.

TPV: Who are the members of the executive?

TF: The executive is made up of patriotic Sierra Leoneans who are no strangers in the business of promoting the welfare of Sierra Leoneans both at home and abroad.

Mr. Abdul Karim John, a son of the soil of our Kabala District in the northern part of Sierra Leone, is the Chairman. He is assisted by Ms. Kumba A. Mambu, together with myself Teddy Foday-Musa, a political scientist with credentials from FBC, as the Secretary General. Mr Philip Juma Forbie is the Organising Secretary to name a few.

TPV: What are the aims and objectives of PMDC-NL?

TF: To inform and educate the Sierra Leonean diaspora living in the Netherlands about not only our coming elections in 2007, but also the general situation of our country’s plight and the need for a positive change through the PMDC.

Against this backdrop, we have created PMDC outreach posts all over the Netherlands, with our PMDC zonal representatives in all of them. Groningen, an outcast province in the Netherlands is yet to be penetrated. However, plans are now underway for the venture

We have produced ID cards for our membership and our Organising Secretary Mr Philip Juma Forbie is very active sensitizing Sierra Leoneans about PMDC.

TPV: Where is the head office of PMDC-NL?

TF: Our PMDC headquarters is located in Eindhoven, the PSV Dutch Football team headquarters.

Eindhoven is also the highest populated city with Sierra Leoneans living in the Netherlands. Therefore, our choice for Eindhoven was based on the principles of “Nearness to Raw Material”(Sierra Leone).

TPV: What is the relationship between PMDC and the Dutch people?

We have a very good working relationship with the Dutch society. We are officially recognised and already has a working partner relationship with two Dutch NGOs. We are confident that in Holland, the sky will be our limit.

TPV: Thank you.

Photo: Some members of the PMDC-NL executive. Right to left: Abdul Karim John(chairman),Teddy Foday Musa(Secretary General) and Kumba Mambu, deputy Chair.

Editor’s Note: We shall bring you more photos on PMDC-NL later.