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PMDC Bonanza

8 November 2006 at 00:55 | 722 views

By Our Correspondent.

The leader of the PMDC Charles Francis Margai and his entourage arrived in the Delaware valley on Thursday November 2nd 2006 after touching down at the Dulles International Airport in Washington, earlier on Thursday, amidst thunderous applause from supporters. The leader’s reception was graced with pomp and ceremony by numerous PMDC stalwarts from the Washington metropolitan area who accompanied the delegation to Philadelphia for hotel check in, followed by a dinner in Delaware, at the reclusive bungalow of Mr. Mohamed Varfie Sheriff, PMDC interim publicity secretary USA.

With plenty of palatable food and drinks, the dinner was punctuated by briefings from Sierra Leone on the statusquo of the PMDC. The leader, in his usual mesmeric speech tone, elaborated with alacrity and eloquence, the positive mood of the delegation and the aspirations for the trip.
The delegation was officially welcomed to the United States by the selfless and unassuming chairman of the PMDC USA, Dr. Baimba Kamara. In his speech to the delegation, Dr Kamara vividly elucidated the progress the PMDC has made in the USA since it was established. He verbalized that the PMDC is the only political party in the USA to have a wider representation that extends from the East coast to the West coast and the South, accounting for twelve fully developed, organized and well functioning chapters. Impressed by the progress and acceptance of his supporters, the PMDC strong man-Charles Margai, flanked by his able Secretary General Ansu Lansana, his wife Mrs. Vivat Margai, the legal adviser Momoh Fofanah , the Chairman Siddique Janneh, Rebecca Conteh, Rev. Momoh Foh, and PMDC members in the United States, the leader was explicitly on point.

He reiterated the need for continuous hard work and warned against complacency regardless of the fact that the PMDC is in strong position to form the next government come 2007. There was a toast in honor of the delegation and the dinner continued into the late hours of the night, before the delegation members retired to their various hotels in Philadelphia

Concerned with the interest of Sierra Leoneans everywhere, and in the spirit of religious tolerance, Charles Margai and his entourage attended Friday prayers at the Sierra Leonean mosque in South west Philadelphia, where he was able to meet a cross section of the Sierra Leonean Muslim community in Philadelphia. The biggest boost to the PMDC delegation for Friday was actualized in SWEDESBORO New Jersey. A prominent and successful Sierra Leonean family Morie and Rugiatu Mussaffa personally donated a very large quantity of school furniture, including desks, chairs and other accessories valued at six hundred million Leones ($ 200,000).

The donations were followed by a lavish dinner at the residence of the Mussaffas in New Jersey, where the leader got the real feel of his support base in the USA. At around 10: pm a national teleconference organized by the PMDC USA linked every chapter to the delegation. Members had the opportunity to interact via phone and pose questions to the leader. The airwave was so jam-packed with jubilant supporters and enthusiasts that the conference had to be adjourned. The PMDC delegation also met with the renowned electoral guru in the United Sates, Reverend DeForest Blake Soaries, Jr., an African America Baptist Minister, politician, author and public advocate, from Franklin Park, New Jersey.

He was formerly the Chairman of the federal Election Assistance Commission, and the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset, New Jersey. The presence of the PMDC leader in the Delaware valley has led to an unprecedented increase in the number of people rushing to register with the PMDC. Most people interviewed at registration, stated generally that they were very impressed by the character of Mr. Charles Margai embodied in such attributes as his honesty, openness, personality, leadership qualities, tolerance, respect and a thorough understanding of the problems of Sierra Leone and the people of Sierra Leone.