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PLP Spokesman Calls for Unity

4 August 2007 at 00:53 | 350 views

The North America representative of Sierra Leone’s People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Danfa Williams Kabia, has called on that party’s supporters in and out of Sierra Leone to forget their differences and rally behind their leader Dr. Kandeh Baba Conteh.

Danfa cannot say whether former PLP leader Johnny Paul Koroma(photo) is alive or not and preferred not to discuss him further. There are conficting reports about JPK’s fate or situation. Some reports say he had been killed by Taylor’s men in Liberia but nobody knows where he is buried. Others say he is very much alive, hiding somewhere.

Koroma was the leader of the AFRC junta that overthrew the SLPP government and ruled Sierra Leone from May 1997 to February 1998 when it was removed from power by a combination of civil defence forces and West African troops. Some sources say mercenaries from Sandline International also participated.

The PLP did relatively well in the 2002 elections, managing to win a few seats in parliament. It enjoys a lot support from the army but it is currently suffering from a power struggle within its ranks with the disappearnce of Johnny Paul Koroma(who has been indicted by the Special Court for Sierra Leone) and the emergence of a new leader in the person of Kandeh Baba Conteh.Kandeh holds a doctorate in Political Science from a Russian university.

Danfa, the North America spokesman, says efforts are being made to mend fences and present the party as a united front come August 11.

Photo credit: Sierra Leone web.