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Patriotic Vanguard Goes to Freetown

5 September 2006 at 00:00 | 411 views

If all goes well,the print edition of the Patriotic Vanguard will hit the streets of Freetown pretty soon.

According to the Vanguard management, contacts have already been made with Information minister Septimus Kaikai and other personalities involved in the registration of newspapers in the country.

The paper’s Freetown representatives have been instructed to look for office space and recruit correspondents for Makeni, Bo and Kenema to cover all the regions in the country.

Due to electricity and printing difficulties in Freetown, the Vanguard may, at least for the first few months, be printed in Vancouver, Canada,and mailed to our office in Freetown for distribution.The management has however not yet made a final decision and is currently doing a cost-benefit analysis on the issue.The paper will also be mailed to subscribers on an individual or group basis.

In a telephone conversation Monday September 4, Sierra Leone’s Information minister Professor Septimus Kaikai(photo) told Vanguard editor Gibril Koroma that he would be glad to help in the registration of the paper in Freetown.

"There will be no problem," he said.

Registration of newspapers in Sierra Leone is done by the Independent Media Commission in collaboration with the ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Meanwhile the Patriotic Vanguard management is appealing to its numerous readers, friends and well wishers to donate, advertise and subscribe to the paper to help make the Freetown initiative a resounding success.

The Patriotic Vanguard (available only online for the moment) was founded in July 2005 and is based in Vancouver, Canada with correspondents all over the world. It reports mainly on Sierra Leone and the rest of Africa. It is non-partisan and fiercely independent.