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Our thoughts are as powerful as the heart

By  | 24 May 2015 at 08:41 | 1325 views


Today, I sing with a heart of praise and gratitude to Almighty God for every thing he has created and provided for humankind’s welfare and happiness. I woke up to a brilliant and emerging sunshine in Florida, the Sunshine State. While other parts of US had earlier been overwhelmed with blizzard weather, heavy rainstorms, germinating a menace of gloom, misery and a morose feeling.

Those scientifically inclined call it the resultant effects of global warming The creator is the most ingenious and artistic craftsman who’s responsible for all good things. His heart is very big and generous, and he’s impartially taking care of the entire world not just the fortunate few. Every thought, action or reaction stems from the heart and our thoughts are as big as our heart. We have the free will to make or break society due to the thoughts we inhibit and nurture that could later blossom for good or evil.

The world needs caring and sharing people today more than ever before, to make dreams come true and heal the wounds that have left scars on others, the less fortunate folks that time and twisted minds have inflicted or afflicted on them.

There’s hope for a better tomorrow if we cease being conceited and selfish and become selfless and concerned about the welfare of others especially the less fortunate and suffering. Do something good and priceless for the world today, whatever your station is in life. Be a light to those in darkness and let your life be a sermon and beacon of hope. Love is a powerful commodity but scarce in supply and has no barriers or territorial limits. Comfort the afflicted. The same God who created the cockroach also made the butterfly. What is your focus, mission or purpose in life? This will determine the things that you invest time and treasure doing everyday.

The political season is fast approaching in the United States, as the marathon race to the White House gets crowded and vicious. The desperate thirst to replace President Barack Obama in the People’s House gets interesting and clamorous.

Especially on the Republican frontier, while former Secretary of State and former First Lady Hilary Clinton dominates the Democratic stage, though she doesn’t want to appear as the inevitable front runner. As the latest polls on the Iraq war reach their highest peak -now in the high 60s, former Governor of Florida Jebb Bush bearing acute DNA of the Bush clan has raised over $100 million and he’s not officially a presidential candidate yet.

He’s already facing firestorm within his conservative class even from white students. Definitely, he has a lot of convincing to do about the baggage left by his brother, president George Bush who is more controversial than ever about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars that he started almost simultaneously.

A lot of arm-twisting was done and America is now convinced that the truth was never told to them in embarking on such costly and expeditious venture. No wonder President Obama is very cautious in making any decision about going to war with Iran over the nuclear weapons development program. He’s using every fiber within him to exhaust all possible diplomatic avenues. He’s making progress to end the stalemate and thwart war thirsty minds that would prefer to ignite another war in the dangerous Middle East theater now infested with ISIS death squads and fragmentation of the region.

In Jacksonville’s Mayoral runoff elections held this week incumbent Black Mayor Alvin Brown lost narrowly to Curry his Republican opponent who ran one of the most negative and pricey elections in local elections history. Brown is the first Black Democratic Mayor in twenty years. Most of the Blacks did not show up at the poll or mail in their ballots. Some feel he is a cloned Democrat acting as a Republican. The truth is according to a Political Science Professor, Black people are mad at him for disrespecting Obama when he visited Jacksonville. He distanced himself from Obama claiming he’s a conservative Democrat. Election day was payback time for his folly, as somebody coming from a Black background.

Brown had big dreams to transform the city and his opponents didn’t want him to get credit or become famous and were busy plotting to bring him down by recruiting Curry, a newcomer and accountant who relocated here recently. Many surprises are in the making as the political tidal wave gets torrential and complicated.

Money talks and tons of it will flow like an ocean into the 2016 Presidential Elections while the poor and needy continue to face Herculean challenges including healthcare challenges, growing income inequality and cost of living hurdles.

But life goes on despite the anomalies prevalent in the richest and most powerful nation on earth. I’m thinking aloud! What happens when hyenas begin to shepherd the goats and sheep? If we all think the same way then no one is thinking at all.