Our new redeemers

6 November 2007 at 00:44 | 822 views

By Sorie Jawara, Washington DC, USA.

The appointments, by president Ernest Koroma, of Dr. Lansana Nyallay and Mr. Raymond Kabia are very special and worth noting as a fierce wind blowing in the right direction for bright hopes.

President Koroma is placing catalysts and buffers to accelerate development and improvements so that his dream of redeeming our Sierra Leone under his leadership will come to reality.

Indeed human assets are extremely important in any given task and successful results will be achieved if the human assets are productive.

Bravo in advance, president Ernest Koroma, please keep on using your brain and strive for victory. Dr. Lansana Nyallay and Mr. Raymond Kabia will deliver and I am sure you made no mistake by selecting them.

The unique thing about these people is their maturity and understanding of daily politics. They demonstrated their decency in politics during a great function held for Dr. Lansana Nyallay. Many people from other states and countries who attended the function returned with great knowledge and I believe it was the birth of a new concept, which is that people could belong to different political parties and remain true friends.

The puzzling part was why should an outstanding APC man attend a political function organized for a giant SLPP man and speak highly of him? Many people concluded that Raymond is a sellout man and a big gambler. He was accused of gambling to have a seat if Nyalley was fortunate to be president, but many people failed to understand both guys have the same vision for Sierra Leone.

They have the dream to work for tremendous development of their homeland; party differences should not make them enemies. This was the birth of a new political ideology and it is good for us if the concept holds for long. I say bravo and good luck to them.

Mr. Raymond Kabia is truly a dedicated APC man, an outstanding and honest man who never condoned any wrongdoing of his party or anybody else. He amply demonstrated his seriousness about discipline, honesty, and any wrongdoing.

This was for example made clear by his anger and outrage over cases like mismanagement of funds in the Sierra Leone embassy in Washington, the attempts to dump hazardous wastes in Sierra Leone and the mysterious death of the bank governor.

He was adamant in questioning why certain important matters were not handled properly; this stance is needed because someone should be interested in the proper management of resources to avoid waste as they have prevailed for long.

Dr. Nyallay, like Mr. Kabia, is truly one honest politician and the only SLPP man who saw the inadequate work done by his party and previous governments. He may have angered some members of his party in his great speech delivered in Washington by stating that previous governments tried and did their best but their bests were not enough, much could have been done but it was not done.

I am sure many people who heard his speech (here and in Sierra Leone) called him a "crazy general". He added insult to injury by stating that he will stamp out corruption, thievery, mismanagement and waste of materials and human resources.

Honestly who will give the green light to this dangerous person to lead SLPP and become president so he will destroy the livelihood of thieves, crooks etc? People are used to that unclean lifestyle before Dr. Nyallay and Mr. Kabia were born.

Are these the "crazy redeemers" mentioned in some religious books or some pretenders with another agenda in mind? Well, for those guys engaged in dirty activities, I would like to say our men are not bad guys and they are there to put things in proper order so the agony will be less.

I am appealing to all of you in Sierra Leone to work with them and help them to help you. This is the way to save our Sierra Leone. President Koroma has charged our young men with hard tasks so they will be credited or discredited tomorrow but that is not bad because it is for a better Sierra Leone for all of us.

Remember the problems listed below and cooperate so they can change things for our benefit. You do not want to live in such terrible state throughout because it was designed that way.

*Terrible and deplorable living conditions for three fourths of the population.

*High rate of crimes of all types throughout the country.

*Poor health and high death rate caused by extreme poverty, severe exploitation.

*Low productivity in all the areas.

*Deplorable roads and dangerous bridges.

*High rate of direct and indirect prostitution due to extreme poverty.

*Poor education, hungry school children and frustrated teachers.

You know about other serious matters I have not mentioned.
Congratulations to you DR. Nyallay and Mr. Kabia, do not be afraid of your new jobs and do not be afraid of the devils, we will not allow the devils to crucify you and all the true freedom fighters.

Do not be ashamed to ask for help when necessary because we will not accept lies as to why it did not work. We want all of you to understand we have passed the stage of testing and experiments. That bullshit will not the encouraged, promoted and accepted.

We want the land of milk and honey to produce abundantly. Many people are dying, are sick, suffering, oppressed, starving, undereducated and deprived. God did not design it that way, therefore that man made rocky mountain must be crushed and totally destroyed. It is the barrier holding us back and impoverishing so many people.

May the good God guide and protect all our honorable servants.