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Ex-president, ex-ministers, must declare assets first

24 June 2018 at 17:14 | 2537 views


By Bafana Bafana, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

There is currently a hue and cry around the country, with calls for president Bio and his ministers to declare their assets as prescribed by law. That’s fine and beautiful as it should be.

But Sierra Leneans will agree with me that no party leader or senior public official had ever declared their assets in the country except the leader of the Alliance Democratic Party Mr. Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray. Even then, Kamarainba did not provide evidence or documentation to back his assertions.

As for the former All Peoples Congress (APC) government, from ex-president Ernest Koroma (photo) down to his ministers and deputy ministers and heads of government agencies, nobody, I mean nobody, had ever bothered to declare their assets despite persistent calls from the public for them to do so. And that had been going on for more than ten years. More than ten years!

There had been allegations of corruption by Koroma’s administration. Now is the time for members of that administration to go public with their assets so that the public could ascertain whether they stole public money or not.

If the opposition party leaders including ex-president Ernest Koroma would not declare their assets, then they have no moral right to ask the new Bio administration to do so.

I think members of the public should put pressure on the past president and his ministers to declare their assets now.

First things first.