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On JJ, the new Chief Minister

3 May 2021 at 16:16 | 1064 views


By Saybom Kanu, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Jacob Jusu Saffa, Sierra Leone’s new Chief Minister (photo) better understands the whole dynamics of the Party including the players from grassroots to the elites.

It is a well deserved appointment.

In politics loyalty is the most precious commodity. While others continue to criticise and undermine the system from within; those who suffered and have remained loyal should be compensated.

I can only pray that God makes more provisions for HE and with JJ who understands sufferers that have not had any opportunity to be able to secure jobs, contracts, business capital, visitations and recognition and more so, access to the President, Vice President and other appointees.

JJ is definitely an Ambassador of the grassroots. However the challenges ahead of him are going to be unreasonably daunting.

The unfulfilled expectations and gaps from 2018 to date and two years into elections, means critical and strategic thinking, planning, organising and coordination for extending more opportunities to our supporters is required.

The cooperation of all heads of MDAs, SOEs and Ambassadors is required. It is now time to support the SLPP agenda and collapse the divisions. Go into the NGC and remnants of PMDC and bring them home. All appointees should visit their villages and towns at least once every month. Leave the social media and target the grassroots in whatever little way. Let us encourage those who are not happy because they have not secured opportunities from government since 2018. It is their right to feel left out or even abandoned.

But here comes JJ the grassroots Chief Minister and master planner. More access to the Leadership and even the ability of the new CM to solve some of the critical problems for HE President Bio.

Perhaps another critical factor in this equation will be the nexus between the Party and the Government. Coordination remains a huge challenge. How we ensure that political appointees actually respect the party structure in their respective areas, remains a huge challenge.

May the good Lord continue to bless HE President Bio and all those who are genuinely serving the best interests of the State and SLPP.

JJ, the good Lord who rewards diligent servants will surely continue to bless and uphold you in your new role.