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16 January 2007 at 00:05 | 665 views

The Old Princewaleans Association UK & Ireland Branch.

Message from our President Dr Kayode R. Robbin-Coker.

Dear Colleagues,
You will no doubt have heard by now of the death of our Ex (Ag) Principal Mr Milford A. Fowler. I got the news via an email from Annis Adams, and postings from Wallace, Melbourne, Emile, etc shortly after confirmed the inevitable. Most of us, my exact contemporaries especially, will remember with affection our time at the school under "Pa Fowler" and I am sure that over the coming weeks and days we will give some serious thought to the commemoration and celebration of the life of such an influential figure in the history of our school.

On its own, Pa Fowler’s death is a desperately sad enough event. But imagine my shock when I woke up this morning to further news (communicated again to me by Annis) that Pa Fowler’s son (Old Princewalean and "legendary" Granville House sprinter) Donald Fowler also passed away in Freetown this morning. The circumstances leading to Donald’s untimely death are yet to fully emerge, although I am told that he had in fact been hospitalized and in a coma for some days previous to his father’s death.

Our hearts and our thoughts are with the Fowler Family at this time of such great and traumatic loss. I will be liaising with the Presidents of the other Old Princewalean Chapters on our response to these events, which serve to remind us of that aphorism that "in the midst of life we are in death".

May their souls, by the mercy of God, rest in perfect peace.

Best regards

Dr Kayode R. Robbin-Coker
President, The Old Princewaleans Association (UK & Ireland Branch)