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Nzinga Blake to Visit Sierra Leone

By  | 13 December 2006 at 23:53 | 1357 views

Nzinga Blake, a TV personality in the United States will soon visit Sierra Leone, her ancestral home.

She has featured on major networks including the "Cartoon Network," where she was one of the first two human hosts on the program: "FRIDAYS;" the "Showtime" channel where she also appeared in the serial: "Barber Shop," and is presently a host on the "Current TV" channel.

She has also appeared in Hallmark and Seven Up commercials, as well as on an ABC Network show, "What About Brian." A gifted young artist of Sierra Leonean descent, Nzinga Blake will be traveling to Freetown, Sierra Leone this weekend with her parents Dr. Cecil Blake, former Minister of Information and Broadcasting and Chief Government Spokesman, Government of Sierra Leone and Hortensia Blake Clinical Dietitian Consultant/Specialist.

During her visit, Nzinga(photo)will meet with media colleagues as well as young people interested in media and entertainment in Sierra Leone. Always keen on developments in Sierra Leone and the need for people in the Diaspora and the rest of the American/international viewing public to have information on progress in post-conflict programs in the country, she anticipates meeting and talking with major stakeholders involved in several post-conflict activities aimed at consolidating peace in the country as it continues to work on national reconciliation and reconstruction.

The program format at "Current TV" provides excellent opportunities for hosts as well as people interested in sharing useful information on various parts of the world, to its diverse audiences. Nzinga is quite excited about her trip and enthusiastically looks forward to the visit."

Nzinga was born in Maryland. She grew up in Asia, Africa, and Indiana with her family. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA’s prestigious school of Film and Television.