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Norman Spector on the Obama visit

21 February 2009 at 00:31 | 782 views


By Norman Spector, Canada.

In the lead-up to Thursday’s meeting between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama, concerns were expressed that the two would not hit it off given the difference in their backgrounds and political philosophies.

Commentators of a partisan bent predicted that the big winner would be Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, because of his Harvard ties and friendship with some of the top people in the Obama administration.

Also muddying the scene were the rumours of a conflict between the Governor General and the prime minister, who was said to be jealously guarding the pictures that would emerge from Obama’s first business trip outside the U.S.

But in the end, none of that really mattered because the day went almost perfectly for Canadians and Americans, which was all that was important.

Photos: Harper with Obama(top) and GG Jean with Obama.