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"Norman Defence May Appeal"---- SamForay

By  | 15 June 2006 at 21:13 | 491 views

Defence lawyers of war crimes indictee Samuel Hinga Norman may appeal Tuesday’s special court ruling against the Kabbah subpoena.

A press release by Reverend Alfred SamForay of the Hinga Norman Defence Fund stated that the defence team headed by Dr. Bubuakei-Jabbi is presently reviewing the ruling and is expected "to appeal the matter to the Appeals Chamber promptly".

SamForay also observed that although the court’s decision gives a judicial victory to Mr. Kabbah, the president may have lost his chance to mend fences with Chief Norman and that for Mr. Kabbah and the nation, the stakes cannot be higher.

SamForay, who resides in the US, also disclosed that the Norman defence team will "end with a bang" by calling other high ranking foreign government and military officials who will testify to orders given by Mr. Kabbah "to bomb civilian targets to oust the rebels".

Photo: Judge Gelega-King of the Special Court.