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Ngoma Africa Band takes over Europe

27 May 2016 at 22:29 | 1714 views

Contributed to the Patriotic Vanguard.

Ngoma Africa Band, which is based in Germany is one of the most successful African bands in Europe.

Established over two decades ago, it is well known all over Europe and beyond. Also known as Full Force Unit (FFU) because of their captivating music, Ngoma was recently at a music festival in Tubingen, Germany, where only creme de la creme of World Music are invited.

Ngoma has popularised what is known as the Bongo Dance from Tanzania and other East African countries. This dance drives European fans crazy, according to reports.

Ngoma’s music draws heavily from traditional African music; when people hear it for the first time, they think it’s something from another planet. They consequently imposed another nickname on Ngoma. Tjhey call them the Anunnkai Aliens.

Here is Ngoma doing their thing: